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ABSTRACT Dynamic program slicing methods are very attractive for debugging because many statements can be ignored in the process of localizing a bug. Although language interoperability is a key concept in modern development platforms, current slicing techniques are still restricted to a single language. In this paper a cross-language dynamic program slicing(More)
During regression testing test cases from an existing test suite are run against a modified version of a program in order to assure that the underlying modifications do not cause any side effects that would demolish the integrity and consistency of the system. Since the ultimate goal of a regression test set is to effectively test all modifications and(More)
Finite state automata (FSA) implementations are widely used in IT due to their rich application possibilities, flexibility, and their direct relationship with common goals set by regular business applications. Workflowbased programming has opened up a new exciting application area: workflows governed by FSA. The field is gaining more and more attention, the(More)
We studied user behaviors when the cursor is directed by a head in a simple control task. We used an intelligent writing tool called Dasher. Hidden Markov models (HMMs) were applied to separate behavioral patterns. We found that similar interpretations can be given to the hidden states upon learning. It is argued that the recognition of such general(More)
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