Miguel Vilaça

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Token-passing nets were proposed by Sinot as a simple mechanism for encoding evaluation strategies for the λ-calculus in interaction nets. This work extends token-passing nets to cover a typed functional language equipped with structured types and unrestricted recursion. The resulting interaction system is derived systematically from the chosen big-step(More)
In this paper we propose to use Interaction Nets as a formalism for Visual Functional Programming. We consider the use of recursion patterns and introduce a suitable archetype/instantiation mechanism for interaction agents. We also consider program transformation by fusion, a well-known transformation technique, and show that this extends smoothly to our(More)
This paper introduces INblobs, a visual editor and interpreter for interaction nets that is presently being developed at Minho. The editor is based on Blobs, a front-end for drawing and editing graph diagrams written with wxHaskell. The tool fills a gap in the community, since all the existing tools for interaction nets take as input textual descriptions of(More)
We propose a method for encoding iterators (recursion operators) using interaction nets. The method can be used to obtain a visual notation for functional programs, and also to extend with recursion the many translations of the λ-calculus into interaction nets, which have been proposed as efficient implementation mechanisms. We exemplify the method with a(More)
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