Miguel V. Drummond

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Photonic true-time-delay (TTD) beamformers, as a microwave photonic technique, provide solutions to some important drawbacks of broadband wireless communication systems, radar and satellite communications. However, scalability limitations may arise when increasing the number of antennas. In this paper, a new concept of a photonic TTD beamforming network for(More)
We address the development of mobile fronthaul (MFH) radio-over-fibre (RoF) transceivers with the capability to transport Digital RoF (D-RoF) signals for C-RAN applications. The coexistence of transport of D-RoF with legacy and the future Passive Optical Network (PON) systems, such as Next Generation PON 2 (NG-PON2) will be analysed. The preliminary(More)
The purpose of this paper is to provide a performance comparison between two carrier phase recovery (CPR) algorithms used to mitigate the impact of the laser phase noise in an ultra-dense wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network WDM-PON (UDWDM-PON) scenario. The algorithms used in this work are the classic non-data-aided (NDA) phase(More)
A photonic instantaneous frequency measurement system based on complementary electro-optic modulation is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. A dual-electrode, dual-output Mach-Zehnder modulator is used to simultaneously achieve electro-optical modulation and complementary modulation sideband (MS) filtering. By suppressing the optical carrier at one of(More)
A novel photonic RF instantaneous frequency measurement system is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Measurements are performed considering purely sinusoidal RF signals with frequencies up to 20 GHz and different RF input powers. A peak-to-peak frequency error down to 50 MHz is achieved for an RF frequency range of 1 – 18 GHz. The trade-off(More)
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