Miguel Trejo

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Spiral patterns are found to be a generic feature in close-packed elastic structures. We describe model experiments of compaction of quasi-1D sheets into quasi-2D containers that allow simultaneous quantitative measurements of mechanical forces and observation of folded configurations. Our theoretical approach shows how the interplay between elasticity and(More)
Inhomogeneities in membranes give rise to localized interactions at the interface between domains in two-component vesicles. The corresponding energy is expressed as a line tension between the two phases. In this paper we study the implications of the thickness mismatch between domains which has been experimentally reported to be of order 20-30% and the(More)
Wrinkled morphology is a distinctive phenotype observed in mature biofilms produced by a great number of bacteria. Here we study the formation of macroscopic structures (wrinkles and folds) observed during the maturation of Bacillus subtilis pellicles in relation to their mechanical response. We show how the mechanical buckling instability can explain their(More)
We study the robust dynamical behaviors of reaction-diffusion systems where the transport gives rise to non-Fickian diffusion. A prototype model describing the deposition of molecules in a surface is used to show the generic appearance of Turing structures which can coexist with homogeneous states giving rise to localized structures through the pinning(More)
Frictional properties of contacts between a smooth viscoelastic rubber and rigid surfaces are investigated using a torsional contact configuration where a glass lens is continuously rotated on the rubber surface. From the inversion of the displacement field measured at the surface of the rubber, spatially resolved values of the steady state frictional shear(More)
Inflammatory fibrosis is a wound-healing reaction of the immune system in mammals against aggression. After a signalling cascade, fibroblasts and potentially myofibroblasts make a stiff collagenous tissue inside the body that modifies the original healthy tissue. We focus here on the implant-induced fibrosis that aims to encapsulate the implant with a(More)
Dielectric elastomer sheets undergo in-plane expansion when stimulated by a transverse electric field. We study experimentally how dielectric plates subjected to a non-uniform voltage distribution undergo buckling instabilities. Two different configurations involving circular plates are investigated: plates freely floating on a bath of water, and plates(More)
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