Miguel Santos

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Dysfunction of ENaC, the epithelial sodium channel that regulates salt and water reabsorption in epithelia, causes several human diseases, including cystic fibrosis (CF). To develop a global understanding of molecular regulators of ENaC traffic/function and to identify of candidate CF drug targets, we performed a large-scale screen combining high-content(More)
Neurological complications in orthotopic heart transplantation represent a major cause of morbidity and mortality despite successful transplantation. The most frequent perioperative neurological complications are delirium or encephalopathy. In this period cerebrovascular complication ranges between 5-11%. After the perioperative period, the 5-year stroke(More)
—This paper describes an integrated microelectrode stimulator for intracortical neuroprosthesis. The implantable microelectrode stimulator uses flip-chip technology to be fully implantable without wiring, reducing the risk of infection and increasing robustness. It is small enough to be undetectable and has low power consumption which can be obtained(More)
This technical report presents an evaluation of the ontology annotations in the metadata of all (or a subset) entries of MetaboLights, a database for Metabolomics experiments and derived information. The work includes a manual analysis of the entries and a comprehensive qualitative evaluation of their annotations, together with the evaluation guide and its(More)