Miguel S. Vieira

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Intramyocardial dissecting haematoma (IDH) is a rare complication of myocardial infarction, with very scarce reports in medical literature. Before the advent of non-invasive imaging techniques, the diagnosis of IDH was only made by necropsy. It can develop in the left ventricular free wall, the right ventricle, or the interventricular septum. We present a(More)
Listeria monocytogenes, although an uncommon cause of illness in the general population, is feared principally because of the morbidity and mortality associated with CNS infections. Cardiovascular involvement with L. monocytogenes is very rare, and has been limited to endocarditis. We describe a case of Listeria pericarditis, which occurred in a 60-year-old(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to evaluate a recently developed two-dimensional (2D) image-based navigation approach (iNAVG+C ) combined with respiratory bellows gating for CMRA in patients with congenital heart disease. METHODS Nine healthy volunteers (mean age 32 ± 6 years [standard deviation]) and 29 patients (28 ± 9 years) were scanned on a(More)
A 76-year-old woman was admitted to the emergency department with a squeezing severe chest pain starting at rest, 1 h before. Previous medical history was unremarkable. An electrocardiogram showed rapidly evolving ST-segment changes (Panels A –C). The rapid troponin I assay was positive (1.4 ng/mL). Unknown renal dysfunction was also noted (cre-atinine of(More)
Neuromediated stunned myocardium is a well-known complication of subarachnoid hemorrhage but has rarely been reported in association with other central nervous system disorders. The pathophysiology of this entity remains unclear, but a catecholamine-induced neurocardiogenic injury has been proposed as a causal factor. Typically, patients have rapid full(More)