Miguel S. Suárez

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An increased incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has been reported in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, particularly in those receiving immunosuppressive therapy. Rare cases of Hodgkin;s lymphoma have been reported in a setting of inflammatory bowel disease. The mechanism underlying the apparent association is unclear, but alterations in immune(More)
UNLABELLED WHAT'S KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT? AND WHAT DOES THE STUDY ADD?: Currently available nomograms to predict preoperative risk of early biochemical recurrence (EBCR) after radical prostatectomy are solely based on classic clinicopathological variables. Despite providing useful predictions, these models are not perfect. Indeed, most researchers agree that(More)
The authors examined material from the respiratory tract obtained from 55 patients, with silver Methenamine and Giemsa stains to detect Pneumocystis carinii. Twenty five patients were positive. All had fever and fatigue, 80% had dyspnea, 72% had productive cough, and significant weight loss occurred in 48%. None of the patients had signs of pulmonary(More)
Intradermal application of yeast phase paracoccidioidin antigen obtained by sonication and lysis from the fungus to 111 residents of Veraguas province (68 men and 43 women) and 130 Cocle province residents (57 men and 73 women) elicited a positive reaction in 9.01% (1/111) and 26.15% (34/30) of the Veraguas and Cocle residents respectively. Positive(More)
Because of high rates of neonatal gram-negative sepsis in many Latin American countries, we prospectively enrolled 784 high-risk pregnant women in a study designed to evaluate the effect of a single 1-g dose of ceftriaxone (n = 390) vs. that of no antibiotic prophylaxis (n = 394) on oral, rectal, and umbilical colonization and fatality rates among newborn(More)
In this work we propose to use hyperchaotic maps synchronization to encode and decode information. The information to be encode is input to the transmitter as an external perturbation. The transmitted signal is used for synchronization and as the encode information carrier. Once the receiver is synchronized with the transmitter, the former decode the(More)
Honduras was one of the Central American countries most severely hit by Hurricane Mitch. Torrential rains and heavy flooding created conditions conducive to a leptospirosis outbreak in the country. A group of Cuban scientists studied 68 patients from the Department of Cort�s - one of the country's hardest hit areas - presenting clinical and epidemiological(More)
The incidence of nosocomial urinary tract infections (UTI) in the medical services of Santo Tomás Hospital from 1980 to 1985 was 56% in Neurology Section, 73% in cardiology and 74% in nephrology. These percentages declined, with epidemiological surveillance, to 21%, 31% and 53% respectively, for the period between 1986 and 1990. In the surgical services the(More)
SUBSCRIPTION: The subscription rate for each journal is 100 Euros (per year) for individuals and 200 Euros (per year) for institutions or companies. Abstract:-We consider M-ary wireless sensor network based on the generalized approach to signal processing in the presence of noise [1-5] with K sensor nodes over a space diversity channel, consisting of a(More)