Miguel Ruiz Veguilla

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Several studies have researched the attentional functioning of schizophrenic patients by means of the Attentional Network Test. The present work reviews these studies and assesses the clinical relevance of their results. Both the reviewed data and our own results suggest that the Attentional Network Test does not provide a clear-cut discrimination of the(More)
is one of the central characteristics of this pathology (Elvevag & Goldberg, 2000). Recent studies have tried to specify the attentional defi cits observed in schizophrenia by means of Posner’s theoretical model of attention (Posner & Petersen, 1990) and the ANT task (Fan, McCandlis, Sommer, Raz, & Posner, 2002). Posner and Petersen (1990) defi ne attention(More)
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