Miguel Romera

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BACKGROUND Present practice guidelines recommend sedative-analgesic and neuromuscular blocking administration during therapeutic hypothermia in comatose patients after cardiac arrest. However, none suggests the best administration protocol. In this study, we evaluated intensivists' preferences regarding administration. METHODS A systematic literature(More)
BACKGROUND Predicting mortality has become a necessary step for selecting patients for clinical trials and defining outcomes. We examined whether stratification by tertiles of respiratory and ventilatory variables at the onset of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) identifies patients with different risks of death in the intensive care unit. (More)
We introduce shrubs in this paper in order to present a first approach to studying the structure of the Mandelbrot set. Primary, secondary ... and N -ary shrubs are analyzed. We have experimentally obtained formulae to calculate the periods of the hyperbolic components representatives of the structural branches, and the preperiods and periods of both the(More)
Using computer graphics and visualization algorithms, we extend in this work the results obtained analytically in [1], on the connectivity domains of alternated Julia sets, defined by switching the dynamics of two quadratic Julia sets. As proved in [1], the alternated Julia sets exhibit, as for polynomials of degree greater than two, the disconnectivity(More)
In this paper we present the alternated Julia sets, obtained by alternated iteration of two maps of the quadratic family 2 1 , 1,2 n n i z z c i     and prove analytically and computationally that these sets can be connected, disconnected or totally disconnected verifying the known Fatou-Julia theorem in the case of polynomials of degree greater than(More)
Clinical evidence and the use of experimental models in laboratory animals indicate that the intestine is a reservoir of microorganisms that can cause systemic infection in the human. The purpose of this work was to study the possible effect of intestinal obstruction (IO) on the mechanical and chemical barriers that bring protection against microorganisms(More)
Near to the cusp of a cardioid of the Mandelbrot set, except for the main cardioid, there is a sequence of baby Mandelbrot sets. Each baby Mandelbrot set is in the center of a Douady cauliflower, a decoration constituted by an infinity of minute Mandelbrot sets and Misiurewicz points linked by filaments. A Douady cauliflower appears to have a complicated(More)
n engl j med 364;2 nejm.org january 13, 2011 185 We agree that the automated test can detect culture-negative tuberculosis, though quantifying this finding would have required a different study design. Specificity in culture-negative patients cannot be determined in those who are treated for tuberculosis on clinical grounds, since microbiologic follow-up is(More)