Miguel Ramón González Castro

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The current operator displays of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed for 2D environments. This limits the full awareness situation of the industrial process, since it is distributed across multiple operator displays and requires the operator to navigate among them. This inspired the idea of creating a single operator display. Through an accurate(More)
The distributed control systems (DCS) are control devices used in processes industry, in which the operator is converted in the essential part, because he/she should take operation decisions that can generate dangerous situations and/or big money losses. This suggests that any improvement that helps to the operator in the selection of the correct decision,(More)
An optimal operational environment of DCS (Distributed Control System) should facilitate a perfect and full “situation awareness” about the state of a process, that it was being supervised. This suggest us an improvement of the interface, using a 2.5D/3D environment, it can increase the quantity and quality of the information that the operator(More)
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