Miguel Peñarrocha

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High rates of stem cell proliferation are important in regenerative medicine and in stem cell banking for clinical use. Ambient oxygen tensions (21% O2) are normally used for in vitro culture, but physiological levels in vivo range between 3% and 6% O2. We compared proliferation of human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs) cultured under 21% versus 3% O2. The(More)
Periapical surgery has largely improved at all levels due to new technologies provided by researchers throughout the last years. The aim of this article is to carry out a bibliographic revision of the last seven years. For this reason, we will analyse the studies published in Medline and the most important Spanish dental magazines. The subjects to(More)
In recent years, periapical surgery has evolved thanks to new diagnostic and technical advances. A review is made of the literature on periapical surgery of the antral teeth, based on a Medline search and on the revision of Spanish dental journals in the period between 1974 and 2003. The anatomy of the maxillary sinus is discussed, along with the diagnosis(More)
INTRODUCTION In trigeminal neuralgia, when drug treatment proves ineffective, other management options must be considered. In this context, conventional radiofrequency of Gasser's ganglion is a safe and effective alternative. MATERIAL AND METHODS We describe 5 patients with long-evolving trigeminal neuralgia subjected to conventional radiofrequency(More)
In recent years, periapical surgery (PS) has evolved thanks to the incorporation of technical and diagnostic advances. In PS, secondary effects such as pain and swelling occur as with all surgical procedures. The objective of the present study is to review the literature of articles published on pain and swelling during the postoperative period in(More)
OBJECTIVE to evaluate patient satisfaction with implant-retained overdentures, and its relationship with age, sex, period of follow-up, the rehabilitated jaw (maxilla, mandible or both), number of implants, splinting, type of attachment and the antagonist. MATERIAL AND METHODS the study comprised patients with overdentures fitted between January 1996 and(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the side effects and complications following intraosseous anesthesia (IA), comparing them with those of the conventional oral anesthesia techniques. MATERIAL AND METHOD A simple-blind, prospective clinical study was carried out. Each patient underwent two anesthetic techniques: conventional (local infiltration and locoregional(More)
OBJECTIVES In the clinical management of facial pain, a possible cervical origin must be considered. A clinical exploration is therefore essential. The disorder originates in the intimate connections between the cranial portion of the spinal cord and the trigeminal system. Although solid evidence supporting the use of radiofrequency (RF) treatment is(More)
Oromandibular dystonia with blepharospasm (also known as Brueghel's syndrome, Meige's syndrome, or idiopathic orofacial dystonia) is characterized by intense and involuntary spasms of the orofacial muscles, with a frequent loss of teeth and occlusal alterations that worsen the dystonic manifestations and cause mucosal lesions that can lead to complete(More)
  • Nóbrega-Pereira, S ; Fernandez-Marcos Pj, +55 authors M Mas
  • 2016
M 2016 G6PD protects from oxidative damage and improves healthspan in mice. Influence of different types of pulp treatment during isolation in the obtention of human dental pulp stem cells. JA 2016 PTEN recruitment controls synaptic and cognitive function in Alzheimer's models. 2016 Exercise: The lifelong supplement for healthy ageing and slowing down the(More)