Miguel Murguía

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In order to develop a financially feasible process to produce Anticarsia gemmatalis Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus in cell culture, we developed a lipidic supplement to replace fetal calf serum in insect cell culture media. The supplement, prepared with an extract of lipids from hen egg yolk, allowed us to reduce the contents of serum in the culture medium from(More)
Basal plasma hydroxyproline was measured in 104 male Navy Seal candidates 1 week into their intense physical training program, which lasted 7 weeks, and correlated to the incidence of connective tissue injuries incurred later in the training program. Eleven subjects (10.6%) were diagnosed as having connective tissue injuries. Those subjects with connective(More)
E-learning tools design is intended to mediate communication between the student (user) and the software involving teacher intervention. The design process could be taken as a dialogue between teacher and student. Thus, the main actors in the teaching/learning process are involved during the software-design process in this semiotic perspective. We aim to(More)
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