Miguel Morey

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BACKGROUND One area of research that requires further elaboration is the relationship between impairments and functional limitations. By identifying specific contributors to functional limitations, it may be possible to establish intervention strategies, including exercise approaches, that can delay or ameliorate decline in function. The association between(More)
To test the hypothesis that alterations in adrenergic or cholinergic receptors occur in response to physical training, and that changes in receptor properties could be mechanistically important in producting the altered cardiovascular physiology of the trained state, we studied the effects of endurance training by swimming upon beta adrenergic, alpha(More)
BACKGROUND Most Hodgkin lymphomas (HL) can be cured with current strategies. However, one-third of the cases do not respond or relapse and need salvage regimens. We report the results of a retrospective study using the gemcitabine and oxaliplatinum (GemOx) regimen. METHODS Patients who relapsed or failed to achieve complete response were eligible and(More)
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