Miguel Martinez

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Neuropathic pain is a prevalent and difficult problem in the setting of spinal cord injury (SCI). The use of cellular transplant therapy to treat this pain has been successful with the use of a human neuronal cell line, hNT2.17 [M.J. Eaton, S.Q. Wolfe, M.A. Martinez, M. Hernandez, C. Furst, J. Huang, B.R. Frydel, O. Gomez-Marin, Subarachnoid transplant of a(More)
The aim of this article is to provide a scheme for simulating diffusion processes evolving in one-dimensional discontinuous media. This scheme does not rely on smoothing the coefficients that appear in the infinitesimal generator of the diffusion processes, but uses instead an exact description of the behavior of their trajectories when they reach the(More)
In this article we extend the exact simulation methods of Beskos et al. in [4] to the solutions of one-dimensional stochastic differential equations involving the local time of the unknown process at point zero. In order to perform the method we compute the law of the skew Brownian motion with drift. The method presented in this article covers the case(More)
In this note we propose an exact simulation algorithm for the solution of dXt = dWt + ¯ b(Xt)dt, X0 = x, (1) where ¯ b is a smooth real function except at point 0 where ¯ b(0+) = ¯ b(0−). The main idea is to sample an exact skeleton of X using an algorithm deduced from the convergence of the solutions of the skew perturbed equation dX β t = dWt + ¯ b(X β(More)
The study of genetic variants alone is not enough to explain a complex disease like cancer. Alterations in DNA methylation patterns have been associated with different types of tumor. In order to detect markers of susceptibility for the development of cutaneous melanoma and breast cancer in the Uruguayan population, we integrated genetic and epigenetic(More)
BACKGROUND The reports of lower plasma erythropoietin (EPO) in anemic patients with active erythropoiesis (hyperplastic) than in comparably anemic subjects with erythroid hypoplasia have generally been interpreted as the result of EPO utilization by the target cells of the hormone. An alternative explanation could be that there is a feedback mechanism(More)
To prepare immortalized adrenal chromaffin cells for eventual clinical use, the immortalizing oncogene must be removed. We have utilized a Cre-mediated excision of a loxP-flanked Tag sequence to test whether immortalized chromaffin cells could be disimmortalized by this method. Cultures of embryonic rat adrenal cells were immortalized with the tsA-TN(More)
The adrenergic system plays an important role in psychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Antagonism of the adrenergic receptor subtypes alpha1A and alpha2A has been found to have an antipsychotic effect. Genetic mutations in these receptors could be related to the alterations in the adrenergic system observed in psychiatric patients and(More)
J o u r n a l o f P r o b a b i l i t y Electron. Abstract In this paper we consider one-dimensional partial differential equations of parabolic type involving a divergence form operator with a discontinuous coefficient and a compatibility transmission condition. We prove existence and uniqueness result by stochastic methods which also allow us to develop a(More)
An extension of the model predictive control philosophy to the field of fuzzy control design is discussed. The main goal is to bring together the best features from both techniques. The basic idea is to divide the initial optimization problem in a set of recursive optimization subproblems or decision stages. Each subproblem is raised as a fuzzy LQR design(More)