Miguel Losada Rodriguez

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Magnetic particles are versatile imaging agents that have found wide spread applicability in diagnostic, therapeutic, and rheology applications. In this study, we demonstrate that mechanical waves generated by a localized inclusion of magnetic nanoparticles can be used for assessment of the tissue viscoelastic properties using magnetomotive optical(More)
We experimentally demonstrate that the use of a weak seed pulse of energy less than 0.4% of the pump results in a spectral energy enhancement that spans over 2 octaves and a total energy enhancement of more than 3 times for supercontinua generated by millijoule level femtosecond pulses in Krypton gas. Strong four-wave mixing of the pump-seed pulse(More)
INTRODUCTION Breakwaters are coastal structures constructed to shelter a harbour basin from waves. There are two main types: rubble-mound breakwaters, consisting of various layers of stones or concrete pieces of different sizes (weights), making up a porous mound; and vertical breakwaters, impermeable and monolythic, habitually composed of concrete(More)
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