Miguel Losada Rodriguez

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In five experiments, choice responding of female human adults was examined, as a function of variations in reinforcer amount and reinforcer delay. Experiment 1 used a discrete-trials procedure, and Experiments 2, 3, 4, and 5 used a concurrent variable-interval variable-interval schedule. Reinforcer amount and reinforcer delay were varied both separately and(More)
Indifference functions of amount and delay of reinforcement were compared for pigeon and human subjects by using Mazur's (1987) adjusting delay procedure. A model similar to the matching law (the simple reciprocal model), a hyperbolic model, three modified versions of the hyperbolic model, and a negative exponential model were evaluated. In Experiment 1 the(More)
Previous quantitative models of choice in a self-control paradigm (choice between a larger, more-delayed reinforcer and a smaller, less-delayed reinforcer) have not described individual differences. Two experiments are reported that provide additional quantitative data on experience-based differences in choice between reinforcers of varying sizes and(More)
INTRODUCTION Breakwaters are coastal structures constructed to shelter a harbour basin from waves. There are two main types: rubble-mound breakwaters, consisting of various layers of stones or concrete pieces of different sizes (weights), making up a porous mound; and vertical breakwaters, impermeable and monolythic, habitually composed of concrete(More)
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