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Consequences of reef phase shifts on fish communities remain poorly understood. Studies on the causes, effects and consequences of phase shifts on reef fish communities have only been considered for coral-to-macroalgae shifts. Therefore, there is a large information gap regarding the consequences of novel phase shifts and how these kinds of phase shifts(More)
In Brazil, where reefs occur in markedly turbid environments, the relationship between sedimentation/organic matter and corals is poorly known. Thus, the ex situ effects of sediment with and without organic matter over the ΔF/Fm and physical state of Mussismilia braziliensis were analyzed. The ΔF/Fm and coral physical state, evaluated through the(More)
The French angelfish Pomacanthus paru (Pomacanthidae) is recognised as an important cleaner in tropical reef environments, yet its clients remain relatively undescribed in the literature. Here, we report observations of their cleaning behaviour when interacting with different species of cryptobenthic fish clients. The study was conducted in Bahia state,(More)
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