Miguel J. Rodrigues

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This paper describes our system, dubbed WS4A (Web Services for All), that participated in the fourth edition of the BioASQ challenge (2016). We used WS4A to perform the Question and Answering (QA) task 4b, which consisted on the retrieval of relevant concepts, documents, snippets, RDF triples, exact answers and " ideal answers " for each given question. The(More)
BACKGROUND Randomized clinical trials showed the benefit of adjuvant trastuzumab-based chemotherapy (ATBC) for node-positive and/or >1 cm HER2+ breast carcinomas. No efficacy data have been published on ATBC in large series of pT1abN0 HER2+ tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS This retrospective study evaluated 276 cases of pT1abN0 HER2+ breast tumors in eight(More)
This paper describes our system to extract binary regulatory relations from text, used to participate in the SeeDev task of BioNLP-ST 2016. Our system was based on machine learning, using support vector machines with a shallow linguistic kernel to identify each type of relation. Additionally , we employed a distant supervised approach to increase the size(More)
During the last decade, Internet has become an essential tool in private and in professional life worldwide. Simultaneously, the number of Web sites dedicated to health issues and more particularly to cancer has been growing rapidly. Several studies have already reported that Internet is one of the sources of information most consulted by patients with(More)
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