Miguel J. Prieto

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—Four new topologies of active input current shapers (AICSs) for converters with symmetrically driven transformers (such as half-bridge, full-bridge and push-pull) have recently been proposed. This paper analyzes the extension of the use of these new AICSs topologies to converters with asymmetrically driven transformers. Using some of these topologies, the(More)
Many thermal solar power plants use thermal oil as heat transfer fluid, and molten salts as thermal energy storage. Oil absorbs energy from sun light, and transfers it to a water-steam cycle across heat exchangers, to be converted into electric energy by means of a turbogenerator, or to be stored in a thermal energy storage system so that it can be later(More)
Parabolic trough solar power plants use a thermal fluid to transfer thermal energy from solar radiation to a water-steam Rankine cycle in order to drive a turbine that, coupled to an electrical generator, produces electricity. These plants have a heat transfer fluid (HTF) system with the necessary elements to transform solar radiation into heat and to(More)
One of the most important advantages in using piezoelectric transformers (PT) is that they operate at high frequencies with a very good efficiency [1], tipically higher than 95%. This paper presents a DC/DC converter based on two piezoelectric transformers which duplicates the output voltage frequency ripple, maintaining the switching frequency. Also, the(More)
With photovoltaic (PV) systems proliferating in the last few years due to the high prices of fossil fuels and pollution issues, among others, it is extremely important to monitor the efficiency of these plants and optimize the energy production process. This will also result in improvements related to the maintenance and security of the installation. In(More)
In this paper a mathematical model for a resonant multilevel converter is presented. The topology has been conceived to be used in X-ray power supplies. The power stage has been designed to minimize the resonant current throughout the input voltage range: 400V to 750V. The inverter stage is based on the series-parallel resonant topology, LCC, to include the(More)
This paper presents a novel system that allows elevating large structures by using a set of lifting towers that, adequately controlled with a synchronized operation, succeed in pulling the spatial mesh up to the height where it should stay. By doing so, the mounting of the spatial mesh can be carried out on the ground in an easier and, most important of(More)
One of the latest methods for desalinating water is the so-called Capacitive De-Ionization (CDI). The technology is based on carbon electrodes that are capable of adsorbing ionic components from water. The aim of this paper is to present a water desalination system in which a dc/dc converter is used to efficiently recover part of the energy involved. The(More)
Many thermal solar power plants use thermal oil as heat transfer fluid, and molten salts as thermal energy storage. Since the engineering of these plants is relatively new, regulation of the thermal energy storage system is currently achieved in manual or semiautomatic ways, controlling its variables with proportional-integral-derivative (PID) regulators.(More)