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The effects of Ancylometes sp. venom on muscle contraction and bioelectrical potentials were investigated in the rat phrenic nerve diaphragm muscle preparation. The venom (50 microg/ml) depolarized the diaphragm muscle fiber membranes. This effect was abolished by tetrodotoxin and by reduction of the sodium concentration of the Tyrode solution. The increase(More)
This paper presents the development framework for an energy management platform that is being developed within the AnyPLACE project. In order to ensure that end-users become active participants in services like demand response, a combined approach is necessary in terms of monitoring, automation, and user interfacing. The success in engaging the end-user, as(More)
Extracts and secretion of the Duvernoy's gland are venomous, inducing in several cases motor paralysis in experimental animals. The extracts of the Duvernoy's gland from the aglyphous colubrid Dryadophis bifossatus are very toxic, eliciting flaccid paralysis in pigeons, rabbits and Hylae (Brazil and Vellard, 1926). In the present study, the neuromuscular(More)
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