Miguel Garcia

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This paper presents the most comprehensive analysis and comparison of the mostknown multimedia group and inter-stream synchronization approaches. Several types synchronization techniques. A classification of the main synchronization techniques included in most of the analyzed algorithms complements the paper. Finally, a table is presented summarizing the(More)
Forest and rural fires are one of the main causes of environmental degradation in Mediterranean countries. Existing fire detection systems only focus on detection, but not on the verification of the fire. However, almost all of them are just simulations, and very few implementations can be found. Besides, the systems in the literature lack scalability. In(More)
Wireless sensor networks have become increasingly popular due to their wide range of applications. Energy consumption is one of the biggest constraints of the wireless sensor node and this limitation combined with a typical deployment of large number of nodes have added many challenges to the design and management of wireless sensor networks. They are(More)
An adequate wireless network plan is needed to replace the traditional wired LANs. A full coverage WLAN offers the flexibility to relocate people and equipment or to reconfigure and add more wireless devices to the network. Usually, an IEEE 802.11 variant is chosen based on their bandwidth and their coverage area. However, sometimes there are special cases(More)
Indoor location systems, especially those using wireless sensor networks, are used in many application areas. While the need for these systems is widely proven, there is a clear lack of accuracy. Many of the implemented applications have high errors in their location estimation because of the issues arising in the indoor environment. Two different(More)
The amount of uneaten feed and fecal waste generated by the fish in marine fish farms causes the damage of the fauna and flora, and it also reduces the economic benefits because the wastage of the uneaten food. In this paper, we propose an underwater group-based sensor network in order to quantify accurately the amount of pollution deposited on the seabed.(More)
One of the most desirable issues in team sports is to know how the physical state of each sportsman or sportswoman is performing during the match. Concretely, a soccer match is 90 minutes long and the players could be more or less tired depending on the dynamic of the soccer game (fast or slow) and on the place where the ball have been rolling (which(More)
Sensor networks are becoming one of the most used technologies in our lives. Although there are several surveys about sensor networks, almost all of them focus on theoretical basis with little simulations. Some of the studies only explain where these kinds of networks can be useful, without details on how can they be applied. This paper classifies the(More)
A cloud does not have infinite computational and storage resources in its infrastructure. If it saturates, it will not be able to satisfy new requests for service allocations sent by its customers. Clouds should interrelate through networking protocols in order to provide scalability, efficiency and flexibility by using the services and the computational(More)