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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medically assisted reproduction technique that enables infertile couples to achieve successful pregnancy. Given the uncertainty of the treatment, we propose an intelligent decision support system based on supervised classification by Bayesian classifiers to aid to the selection of the most promising embryos that will form(More)
Dynamic languages are becoming increasingly popular for different software development scenarios such as Web engineering, rapid prototyping, or the construction of applications that require runtime adaptiveness. These languages are built on the idea of supporting reasoning about (and customizing) program structure, behaviour and environment at runtime. The(More)
One of the main technique used to recover motion analysis from two images or to register them is variational optical flow, where the pixels of one image are matched to the pixels of the second image by minimizing an energy functional. In the standard formulation of variational optical flow, the estimated motion vector field depends on the reference image(More)
Although static typing provides undeniable benefits for the development of applications, dynamically typed languages have become increasingly popular for specific scenarios. Since each approach offers different benefits, the StaDyn programming language has been designed to support both dynamic and static typing. This paper describes the minimal core of the(More)
The management of metamodels is supported by runtime environments that enforce the well-formedness of (meta-)model instances. Beyond this basic function-ality, additional capabilities are needed in order to successfully establish a toolchain for Model-Driven Software Engineering. We focus on two such capabilities: transactions and efficient evaluation of(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Center for Neighborhood Technology and Center for Transit-Oriented Development would like to thank Miguel Garcia and the Ford Foundation, as well as Paul Brophy, whose generous support made this possible. We also would like to acknowledge the following individuals who made a contribution to this final product. The team responsible for(More)
The increasing reliance on Model-DrivenSoftware Development calls for model compilers to assume the role of today'scompilers, i.e., reliability of these components is of utmost importance. We describe howtocertify model transformations in this context by bridging the gapbetween the languages in which such transformations are specified (e.g., Essential MOF,O(More)
Service-orientation is not only a means for systems integration, but also an architecture paradigm for building systems. Flexibility, adaptability and interoperability are some of the benefits derived from the adoption of SOA. These principles are often applied to build distributed systems. But whether SOA is applied or not, building a distributed system is(More)
Estimation of motion has many applications in fluid analysis. Lots of work has been carried out using Particle Image Velocimetry to design experiments which capture and measure the flow motion using 2D images. Recent technological advances allow capturing 3D PIV image sequences of moving particles. In this context, we propose a new three-dimensional(More)