Miguel Frade

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Diverse methods have been developed to generate terrains under constraints to control terrain features, but most of them use strict restrictions. However, there are situations were more flexible restrictions are sufficient, such as ensuring that terrains have enough accessible area, which is an important trait for video games. The Genetic Terrain Program(More)
Terrain generation algorithms have an important role in video games: they can provide a realistic scenario for the game experience, or can help keep the user interested in playing by providing new landscapes each time he plays. Nowadays there are a wide range of techniques for terrain generation, but all of them are focused on providing realistic terrains ,(More)
Nowadays the video game industry is facing a big challenge: keep costs under control as games become bigger and more complex. Creation of game content , such as character models, maps, levels, textures, sound effects and so on, represent a big slice of total game production cost. Hence, the video game industry is increasingly turning to procedural content(More)
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