Miguel Ferrando

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his paper presents a new and original approach to computing T the high-frequency radar cross section (RCS) of complex radar targets in real time, using a 3D graphics workstation. The target (typically, an aircraft) is modeled with the I-DEAS solid-modeling software, using a parametric-surface approach. The high-frequency RCS is obtained through Physical(More)
We introduce a fast algorithm for computing volume potentials that is, the convolution of a translation invariant, free-space Green’s function with a compactly supported source distribution defined on a uniform grid. The algorithm relies on regularizing the Fourier transform of the Green’s function by cutting off the interaction in physical space beyond the(More)
A comparative study at 2.45 GHz concerning both measurement and reconstruction parameters for planar and cylindrical configurations is presented. For the sake of comparison, a numerical model consisting of two nonconcentric cylinders is considered and reconstructed using both geometries from simulated experimental data. The scattered fields and(More)
Conservation of tissue structures by means of freeze-drying is still limited as the complex mechanisms taking place at molecular/cellular level are not fully understood. The successful application of hydroxyethyl starch (HES) in combination with maltose, sucrose, and trehalose as stabilizers of lipid bilayers/membranes in red blood cells suggests an(More)
A microwave tomographic scanner for biomedical applications is presented. The scanner consists of a 64 element circular array with a useful diameter of 20 cm. Electronically scanning the transmitting and receiving antennas allows multiview measurements with no mechanical movement. Imaging parameters are appropriate for medical use: a spatial resolution of 7(More)
In this work, a comparison of different Phase Unwrapping techniques based on the Least Mean Square error is presented. A testing environment based on simulated interferograms has been created in order to assess the methods described in the literature. Each of them has shown good properties under different constraints. Multigrid with a previous adaptive(More)
RF channel measurements in underground mines have important applications in the field of mobile communications for improving operational efficiency and worker safety. This paper presents an experimental study of the ultra wideband (UWB) radio channel, based on extensive sounding campaigns covering the underground mine environment. Measurements were carried(More)
A cylindrical system for biomedical microwave tomography is presented. The circular algorithms and some numerical reconstructions are discussed. Fi nally the experimental set-up is described and some preliminary measurements are presented. INTRODUCTION Recent studies II|, 121 have shown the potential value of active micro wave imaging systems for biomedical(More)