Miguel Fernando Palma-Diaz

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OBJECTIVE Lupus nephritis depends on autoantibody deposition and activation of multiple immune cell types that promote kidney inflammation, including lymphocytes and monocyte/macrophages. Laquinimod, currently in clinical trials for multiple sclerosis and lupus nephritis, reduces infiltration of inflammatory cells into the spinal cord in experimental(More)
Objectives To profile the clinical presentation and treatment results of esthesioneuroblastomas at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), from 2002 to 2013. Design Retrospective review. Setting Tertiary academic institution. Participants Forty-one patients with esthesioneuroblastomas treated at UCLA. Main Outcome Measures Overall survival (OS)(More)
BACKGROUND Sinonasal melanoma (SNM) is a rare cancer with extremely poor prognosis. Detecting melanoma on frozen section has historically been considered to be unreliable. A review of cases of sinonasal melanoma treated at a tertiary referral center was conducted to analyze treatment outcomes and identify prognostic factors for survival. In addition, an(More)
of an ectopic, overly-descended superior parathyroid adenoma in both primary and reoperative parathyroid surgery. Methods: A prospective analysis of consecutive patients undergoing parathyroid surgery in a tertiary endocrine surgery practice from March 2004 to April 2013 was undertaken. All patients undergoing curative primary or reoperative surgery for(More)
Amyloidosis is an uncommon disease that is characterized by abnormal extracellular deposition of misfolded protein fibrils leading to organ dysfunction. The deposited proteins display common chemical and histologic properties but can vary dramatically in their origin. Kidney disease is a common manifestation in patients with systemic amyloidosis with a(More)
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