Miguel F. M. Lima

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OBJECTIVE In this study we evaluated the effects of sodium hyaluronate (HY) in the healing process of tooth sockets of rats. DESIGN Immediately after the extraction of the upper first molars of male Holtzman rats, right sockets were treated with 1% HY gel (approximately 0.1 ml), while left sockets were used as control (blood clot). The animals were(More)
The behavior of mechanical manipulators with backlash is analyzed. In order to acquire and study the signals an experimental setup is implemented. The signal processing capabilities of the wavelets are used for de-noising the experimental signals and the energy of the obtained components is analyzed. To evaluate the backlash effect upon the robotic system(More)
This paper analyzes the signals captured during impacts and vibrations of a mechanical manipulator. To test the impacts, a flexible beam is clamped to the end-effector of a manipulator that is programmed in a way such that the rod moves against a rigid surface. Several signals are captured and theirs Fourier Transforms are calculated and approximated by(More)
This paper analyses robotic signals in the perspective of fractional dynamics and the pseudo phase plane (PPP). It is shown that the spectra of several experimental signals can be approximated by trend lines whose slope characterizes their fractional behavior. For the PPP reconstruction of each signal, the time lags are calculated through the fractal(More)
This paper analyzes musical opus of different musical styles. For each musical composition the Fourier Transform is calculated and approximated by a trendline based on a power law formula. A signal classification scheme based on the frequency spectrum behavior is presented. In order to reveal hidden relationships between the musical styles the MDS technique(More)
Robotic systems use different types of sensors, both for control and for environmental perception. Those sensors can be digital encoders, tachometers, accelerometers, force sensors, current sensors and many others. In order to acquire the signals an experimental setup was developed. The system acquires data from the sensors, in real time, and, in a second(More)