Miguel Cortegano

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Efficient post-Golgi trafficking depends on microtubules, but actin filaments and actin-associated proteins are also postulated. Here we examined, by inverse fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, the role of actin dynamics in the exit from the TGN of fluorescent-tagged apical or basolateral and raft or non-raft-associated cargoes. Either the(More)
In 1981, an epidemic occurred in Spain, toxic oil syndrome (TOS), in people who consumed rapeseed oil denatured with 2% aniline, and it was one of the largest intoxication epidemics ever recorded. In 1989, a similar disease, eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) was reported in the USA and was associated with the ingestion of L-tryptophan. The pathologic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Markers for hepatitis C virus are often detectable in patients suffering chronic hepatitis with liver-kidney microsomal type 1 antibodies. Several authors have suggested that two subsets of those patients can be defined: a) hepatitis C virus negative and b) hepatitis C virus positive. The aim of this work was to further analyze the possible(More)
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