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OBJECTIVE To determine the severity of dapsone (DDS) acute intoxication - an uncommon medical event - using clinical and laboratory parameters. METHODS Two hundred and seventy four patients with acute DDS intoxication, aged 1 month to 50 years old, were studied and classified into four age groups. Clinical evaluation was assessed through a protocol and(More)
The detection and diagnosis of lung cancer has been shown to dramatically increase the survival rate of lung cancer patients. Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) methods are being developed to help improve the ability of clinical radiologists to detect and diagnose malignant lung nodules. While many research studies use low-level image features to predict(More)
Net external acid balance was studied in 12 malnourished infants with chronic diarrhea (some of whom had acquired monosaccharide intolerance). When the infants achieved an adequate energy intake from a formula that contained either glucose or glucose polymers, seven developed metabolic acidosis and five remained free of acidosis. During the study, the(More)
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