Miguel Camacho

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Surgical microscopy and electrophysiological techniques were used to standardize the nomenclature for the pudendal nerve and sacral plexus according to their somatic axonal composition in the male rat. We conclude that the pudendal nerve is the segment running from the L6-S1 trunk to the sacral plexus, carrying efferent fibers to the coccygeus, internal(More)
The purpose of this study was to show that the occurrence of skin ulcers observed in animals neonatally treated with the neurotoxin capsaicin coincide with trophic disturbances. In addition, cutaneous lesions increased when self-grooming and scratching behaviors reached maturity. The temporal course of cephalic cutaneous wounds in neonatally(More)
The scrotal nerves in the rat were studied electrophysiologically to describe their topographic organization in the skin and in the dorsal roots, and to determine if the electrical properties of these afferents are under the influence of testosterone. There are 2 afferent nerve branches innervating this area, the proximal scrotal branch supplying the(More)
Retrograde labeling with horseradish peroxidase conjugated to wheat germ agglutinin showed that the pubococcygeus muscles of the female rat are innervated by a population of motoneurons located in a column approximately 2 mm in length in the central region of lamina IX of the sixth lumbar-first sacral spinal cord segments. These neurons have a dendritic(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the small plexus located at the base of the penis, consisting of nerves arising from the major pelvic ganglion, connecting with the sensory branch of the pudendal nerve, contains postganglionic neurons innervating the erectile tissue and urethra of the penis. METHODS A total of 22 adult male Wistar rats 3-4 months of age(More)
The synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots-like nanostructures (CNDs) obtained through the laser ablation of a carbon solid target in liquid environment is reported. The ablation process was induced in acetone with laser pulses of 1064, 532, and 355 nm under different irradiation times. Close-spherical amorphous CNDs with sizes between 5 and 20 nm, whose(More)
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