Miguel Cabrera

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In order to clarify the role of Gnathostoma turgidum as an etiological agent involved in human gnathostomiasis in Mexico, establish the taxonomic identity of the advanced third-stage larvae (AdvL3), and contribute to the knowledge of its life cycle, experimental host infections, examination of potential natural hosts, and morphological comparisons were(More)
The 2 howler species that occur in southern Mexico, Alouatta palliata mexicana and Alouatta pigra are endangered, mainly as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation from human activity. Little is known about the gastrointestinal parasite communities affecting their populations, and lack of baseline information for populations of howler species in(More)
A granular front emerges whenever the free-surface flow of a concentrated suspension spontaneously alters its internal structure, exhibiting a higher concentration of particles close to its front. This is a common and yet unexplained phenomenon, which is usually believed to be the result of fluid convection in combination with particle size segregation.(More)
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GRALPLA is a specification language based on algebraic specification [Berg89]. This language has been developed in the University of Granada for the study of interactive graphic system. One of the key points of this language is the support for rapid prototyping. It has a tool to checks the structure and specifications completeness, and if it is correct, to(More)
Security measures in small and personal computer systems are exacerbated by the limited resources available. Inference of information from databases on any system is one security concern which involves breaches by authorized users of the system. One class of intrusion tools known as trackers has been extensively studied and several deterrent methods(More)