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Eosinophilia and some acute dialysis side-effects, such as itching, flushing and bronchospasm, are often associated with the presence of ethylene oxide (ETO) as dialyzer sterilizing agent. This study evaluated the effects of two different polysulfone (PS) hollow-fiber dialysers sterilized with ETO and steam in 31 chronic dialysis patients with eosinophilia.(More)
The utility of bioelectric impedance analysis was assessed for longitudinal evaluation of body composition in two groups of uremic patients, one on CAPD and one on hemodialysis treatment, with no clinical marks of hyperhydration or infection. Nineteen CAPD patients (11 men 8 women) and 21 HD patients (12 men 9 women) were studied with bioelectric impedance(More)
PURPOSE In order to encourage the removal of middle molecules in hemodiafiltration (HDF) techniques an attempt is made to maximize convective clearance by increasing the ultrafiltration rate. However, convective clearance is limited by the maximum filtration fraction (FF%) obtainable, by the pre- or post reinfusion method and by the convective surface and(More)
Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring and arterial blood gases was performed during biofiltration (BF) treatment and during conventional acetate hemodialysis (HDA). Biofiltration is an ultrashort hemodiafiltration with 3 liters of substitution fluid (Na+ 145 mEq/l, HCO-3 100 mEq/l). Our data show a better correction of acid-base balance during BF than(More)
We present IACTalks, a free and open access seminars archive (http://iactalks.iac.es) aimed at promoting astronomy and the exchange of ideas by providing high-quality scientific seminars to the astronomical community. The archive of seminars and talks given at the Instituto de Astrof́ısica de Canarias goes back to 2008. Over 360 talks and seminars are now(More)
Five patients with a mean age of 63.4 years (range 62-67) who had frequent episodes of intradialytic intolerance during acetate hemodialysis (HDA) received biofiltration (BF). For each period of study (6 months on HDA and 6 months on BF), the patients underwent a complete clinical assessment, with evaluation of the electroencephalographic (EEG) pattern and(More)
In acetate-free biofiltration (AFB), the physical separation between the base losses and the gains could facilitate the modeling of intradialytic bicarbonate (HCO3) balance. In order to verify this hypothesis, we analyzed in a multicenter study, 126 AFB sessions in which differing parameters were evaluated (dialysis time, blood flow, ultrafiltration,(More)