Miguel Borges

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Peritoneal macrophage activation as measured by H2O2 release and histopathology was compared between Swiss mice and Calomys callosus, a wild rodent, reservoir of Trypanosoma cruzi, during the course(More)
Toxoplasmosis is a highly prevalent zoonotic human infection caused by the Apicomplexa protozoon Toxoplasma gondii. The acute disease is usually mild or asymptomatic, except for foetal infection(More)
In this study an in vitro model was developed with the aim of investigating the modulatory effect of cholera toxin (CT) and its counterpart the heat labile toxin of Escherichia coli (LT) on TNF-alpha(More)
We tested the hypotheses that host-searching behavior of the egg parasitoids Telenomus podisi and Trissolcus basalis may be differentially influenced by the different blends of volatiles released(More)