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An immunohistochemical study was performed using tissue arrays and specific antibodies against MMPs -1, -2, -7, -9, -11, -13, -14, and TIMPs -1, -2 and -3. More than 5,000 determinations on cancer(More)
Lymphatic and/or blood vessel tumoral invasion (LBVI) is a common histopathologic finding of gastric carcinomas, which could make it an additional cost efficient marker and help in the detection of(More)
To evaluate hyaluronan expression at different stages of tumoral progression in primary breast cancer. Hyaluronan expression was evaluated by histochemical techniques in 42 cases of pure DCIS, in 15(More)
BACKGROUND No gold standard method exists for the diagnosis of ventilator-associated pneumonia despite the availability of multiple techniques. METHODS A prospective, crossover study was performed(More)