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The assessment of coagulating blood elasticity has gained importance as a result of several studies that have correlated it to cardiovascular pathologic conditions. In this study we use supersonic shear wave imaging (SSI) to measure viscoelastic properties of blood clots. At the same time, classical rheometry experiments were carried out on the same blood(More)
Non-invasive evaluation of the Achilles tendon elastic properties may enhance diagnosis of tendon injury and the assessment of recovery treatments. Shear wave elastography has shown to be a powerful tool to estimate tissue mechanical properties. However, its applicability to quantitatively evaluate tendon stiffness is limited by the understanding of the(More)
Shear wave elastography imaging techniques provide quantitative measurement of soft tissues elastic properties. Tendons, muscles and cerebral tissues are composed of fibers, which induce a strong anisotropic effect on the mechanical behavior. Currently, these tissues cannot be accurately represented by existing elastography phantoms. Recently, a novel(More)
This paper considers the work entitled "Fuzzy control systems design via fuzzy Lyapunov functions" and published in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part B , where the authors try to extend the work of Rhee and Won. Nevertheless, the results proposed by Li have been obtained without taking into account a necessary path independency(More)