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The Prony method is extended to handle the nonsymmetric algebraic eigenvalue problem and improved to search automatically for the number of dominant eigenvalues. A simple iterative algorithm is given to compute the associated eigenvectors. Resolution studies using the QR method are made in order to determine the accuracy of the matrix approximation.(More)
Computer studies have shown that azimuthal static mirror misfigures as small as lambda/20 can lead to severe degradation in the far field on axis intensity for resonators with an annular gain region. This poor far-field pattern can, however, be dramatically improved by the use of adaptive elements within the resonator. A rear cone in the resonator had a(More)
Research on positive emotions associated with the performance of an activity, such as work or study, has increased exponentially in recent years. Passion is understood as an attitude and intense emotion in the performance of an activity, and it has shown both positive and negative consequences for well-being. A link between social identity and positive(More)
This study's objective is to examine the relationship between emotional demands and emotional social support at work, and the impact of resilience on health. A cross-sectional study of 156 firefighters was conducted. Descriptive analyses of the study's variables were performed, along with structural equation analysis and hierarchical regression analysis.(More)
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