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We present a series of measurements based on K L,S →␲ ϩ ␲ Ϫ and K L,S →␲ 0 ␲ 0 decays collected in 1996 – 1997 by the KTeV experiment ͑E832͒ at Fermilab. We compare these four K→␲␲ decay rates to measure the direct CP violation parameter Re(⑀Ј/⑀)ϭ(20.7Ϯ2.8)ϫ10 Ϫ4. We also test CPT symmetry by measuring the relative phase between the CP violating and CP(More)
We calculate the spin dependent static force between two D0-branes in Matrix theory. Supersymmetry relates velocity dependent potentials to spin dependent potentials. The well known v 4 /r 7 term is related to a θ 8 /r 11 term, where θ is the relative spin of the D0-branes. We calculate this term, confirming that it is the lowest order contribution to the(More)
Flower size is a key trait in the reproductive ecology of animal-pollinated plants. However, pollinator-mediated selection does not always modulate this trait and environmental conditions and/or antagonist interactions may favor smaller flowers. We evaluate the occurrence of a large-flowered family in a hot and dry Mediterranean environment, mediated by a(More)
We use K(L)'s in the 100-200 GeV energy range to produce 147 candidate events of the axial vector pair K1(1270)-K1(1400) in the nuclear Coulomb field of a Pb target and determine the radiative widths Gamma(K1(1400)-->K0+gamma)=280.8+/-23.2(stat)+/-40.4(syst) keV and Gamma(K1(1270)-->K0+gamma)=73.2+/-6.1(stat)+/-28.3(syst) keV. These first measurements(More)
Larger flowers increase pollinator visit rates and reproductive success, so selection on flower size is usually mediated by pollinators. However, larger flowers involve costs imposed by resource limitation so environmental conditions may also modulate flower size. “Male function” hypothesis entails that the intensity of selection is sex-dependent, being(More)
Pressure experiments provide a unique opportunity to unravel new insights into glass-forming liquids by exploring its effect on the dynamics of viscous liquids and on the evolution of the glass transition temperature. Here we compare the pressure dependence of the onset of devitrification, Ton, between two molecular glasses prepared from the same material(More)
Caloric effects are currently under intense study due to the prospect of environment-friendly cooling applications. Most of the research is centred on large magnetocaloric effects and large electrocaloric effects, but the former require large magnetic fields that are challenging to generate economically and the latter require large electric fields that can(More)
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