Miguel Barceló

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OBJECTIVE To study the linkage between material deprivation and mortality from all causes, for men and women separately, in the capital cities of the provinces in Andalusia and Catalonia (Spain). METHODS A small-area ecological study was devised using the census section as the unit for analysis. 188,983 Deaths occurring in the capital cities of the(More)
The time series methods in the epidemiological studies on air pollution are reviewed, illustrated by means of an autoregressive Poisson regression which was employed in the APHEA and EMECAM Projects. A listing is provided of the variations in the daily number of deaths of people over age 70 (all causes, CIE-9:001-799) in Barcelona, 1991-1995, with the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Despite the number of plans leading to lose weight among individuals in the developed countries, the prevalence of obesity has increased since 1980. The knowledge of ponderal evolution in a given population is very important because the adverse effects of obesity vary greatly among individuals and populations. The objective of the(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the studies which demonstrate the existence of a short-term relationship between air pollution and morbidity and the Mortality analyze the impact of "classic" pollutants which are by-products of combustion. However, the changes in the sources of these emissions, shifting basically toward road traffic, has made a change in air pollution,(More)
The aim of this study is to Mortality show the protocol of analysis which was set out as part of the EMECAM Project, illustrating the application thereof to the effect of pollution has on the mortality in the city of Valencia. The response variables considered will be the daily deaths rate resulting from all causes, except external ones. The explicative(More)
OBJECTIVES To apply different regression models to estimate rate ratios for temporary sick-leave (TSL) which may occur several times in the same individual during a period, and the frequency is not constant for the observation period. SUBJECTS AND METHODS All workers employed more than 30 days between January 1st of 1992 and June 1st of 1995 were included(More)
UNLABELLED The EMECAM Project demonstrated the short-term effect of air pollution on the death rate in 14 cities in Spain throughout the 1990-1995 period. The Spanish Multicentre Study on Health Effects of Air Pollution (EMECAS) is broadening these objectives by incorporating more recent data, information on hospital disease admissions and totaling 16(More)