Miguel Arrebola

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In this paper we describe the Language Box, a teaching and learning repository for language teachers based on the EPrints framework. Language Box differs from other content repositories in that it is designed as a living space, where teachers and lecturers can keep and manage working documents. It is focused around three key services: Hosting materials(More)
In this paper we describe our work to create a set of usability tools for CLARE, an EPrints installation storing Learning Objects. These tools include Web 2.0 style presentation and comments, and a concept map browser. Although the evaluation of our tools was broadly positive through workshops with the language teaching community we discovered that a(More)
Learning Objects are atomic packages of learning content with associated activities that can be reused in different contexts. However traditional Learning Objects can be complex and expensive to produce, and as a result there are relatively few of these available. In this paper we describe our work to create a lightweight repository for the(More)
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