Miguel Areia

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Authors M. Dinis-Ribeiro*,1,5, M. Areia2,5, A. C. de Vries3, R. Marcos-Pinto4,6, M. Monteiro-Soares5, A. O’Connor7, C. Pereira8, P. Pimentel-Nunes1, R. Correia5, A. Ensari†, 9, J. M. Dumonceau‡, 10,(More)
Atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, and epithelial dysplasia of the stomach are common and are associated with an increased risk for gastric cancer. In the absence of guidelines, there is wide(More)
BACKGROUND Three different classification systems for the evaluation of Barrett's esophagus (BE) using magnification endoscopy (ME) and narrow-band imaging (NBI) have been proposed. Until now, no(More)