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Estimating forest area at a national scale within the United Nations program of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) is primarily based on land cover information using remote sensing technologies. Timely delivery for a country of a size like Mexico can only be achieved in a standardized and cost-effective 3924 manner by(More)
10 Loss of effectiveness in antimicrobial agents is currently a major challenge for medical applications and microbiological research. Desp ite ongoing efforts for the discovery of novel natural compounds with antibiotic activity, classic screening techniques frequently fail to detect new active secondary metabolites. However, landmark studies agree that(More)
Following the seminal work of Unger et al. based on building mesh-like structures on top of aP2P network, we introduced an improvedversion of Compass-ar outing and load balancing algorithm based on direction-scopes for message delivery in such kind of networks. In this paper we evaluate and compare the performance of this scope-based Compass against the(More)
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