Miguel Angel

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Drawing on theories of generalized exchange and the norm of indirect reciprocity, we conceptualize subordinates’ organizational citizenship behavior directed towards the organization (OCBO) and directed towards peers (OCBI) as antecedents of managerial trustworthy behavior, and examine how managers’ affective trust in subordinates mediates this(More)
This paper presents a new data driven utility function for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping and exploiting a wind field. The proposed utility function provides a continuous scale between exploration and exploitation which is dependent on the difference between the current platform energy level and the uncertainty along a planned path. Tests were(More)
A common complication of diabetes is impaired wound healing. Systemic tetracycline improves healing in diabetics, but causes adverse side affects. There are no informations regarding topical tetracyclin use. OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of topical tetracycline on wound healing. METHODS: Diabetes was induced in Wistar(More)
Non-destructive testing by ultrasounds has been widely used to characterize cementitious materials. Ultrasonic techniques allow estimating mechanical properties of these materials by measuring both velocity and attenuation of the propagating ultrasonic pulse. In this study, both content and size of aggregates in mortar specimens are estimated by taking into(More)
  • Baron Aznar Catia, Moreno Jimenez, +5 authors Ballesteros Zebadúa Paola
  • 2008
In Radiotherapy, Integrated dose (ID) is the total delivered energy in a target. This physical parameter could be a predictor for complications such as brain edema and radionecrosis after stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) treatments for brain tumors. ID depends on the tissue density and volume. Using CT patient images from the National Institute of Neurology(More)
We study the singularities of the exponential map in semi Riemannian locally symmetric manifolds. Conjugate points along geodesics depend only on real negative eigenvalues of the curvature tensor, and their contribution to the Maslov index of the geodesic is computed explicitly. We prove that degeneracy of conjugate points, which is a phenomenon that can(More)
Dynamic power management (DPM) is a power reduction technique based on dynamically reconfiguring the systems to provide the requested services with a minimum load on the components of the system. DPM includes a set of techniques that achieves energy-efficient computation by selectively turning off (or reducing the performance of) system components when they(More)