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In this paper we present a novel field programmable mixed-signal integrated device consisting of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), a set of programmable and interconnectable analog cells, and a microprocessor core. This processor can run general purpose user programs, handle the dynamic reconfiguration of the programmable blocks and probe in real time(More)
current version: osstmm.2.0 release candidate 6 notes: This is a preview release version to for 2.0 and not an update for version 1.5. This version focuses on security testing from the outside to the inside. This has not been peer-reviewed. Those who have been contributed to this manual in consistant, valuable ways have been listed here although many more(More)
This article investigates the economic effects of con ict, using the terrorist conn ict in the Basque Country as a case study. We nd that, after the outbreak of terrorism in the late 1960's, per capita GDP in the Basque Country declined about 10 percentage points relative to a synthetic control region without terrorism. In addition, we use the 1998–1999(More)
take the following summary as foundation and definition of a Mashup: A Mash-up is a Web-based resource, be it content or application functionality, which has been created through reuse and composition of two or more different resources. Mashups in an Enterprise context aim at enabling the users to dynamically compose and interconnect their own operational(More)
We estimate classification models of deceptive discussions during quarterly earnings conference calls. Using data on subsequent financial restatements (and a set of criteria to identify especially serious accounting problems), we label the Question and Answer section of each call as " truthful " or " deceptive ". Our models are developed with the word(More)
Alendronate is widely used in the treatment of osteo-porosis and other bone diseases. Although it is considered a well-tolerated drug, there are numerous reports of adverse effects on the mucosa in the upper aerodigestive tract, with oeso-phagitis as the most common complication. The strict regulations for the proper administration of the drug indicate that(More)
In computational processes based on backwards chaining, a rule of the type A ← B 1 ,. .. , B n is seen as a procedure which points that the problem A can be split into the problems B 1 ,. .. , B n. In classical devices, the subproblems B 1 ,. .. , B n are solved sequentially. In this paper we present some questions that circulated during the Second(More)