Miguel Angel Sánchez

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This paper presents an automatic modulation classifier for electronic warfare applications. It is a pattern recognition modulation classifier based on statistical features of the phase and instantaneous frequency. This classifier runs in a real time operation mode with sampling rates in excess of 1 Gsample/s. The hardware platform for this application is a(More)
—This work proposes an encapsulation scheme aimed at simplifying the reuse process of hardware cores. This hardware encapsulation approach has been conceived with a twofold objective. First, we look for the improvement of the reuse interface associated with the hardware core description. This is carried out in a first encapsulation level by improving the(More)
—The dHDL language has been denned to improve hardware design productivity. This is achieved through the definition of a better reuse interface (including parameters, attributes and macroports) and the creation of control structures that help the designer in the hardware generation process. Current technologies deep in the nanometer regime allow the(More)
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