Miguel Angel Rojas González

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A system is presented for the recording of physiological signals on an unmodified domestic videocassette recorder (VCR). A modification in the vertical synchronism pulses permits the recording of continuous analogue signals without significant loss of samples. The system allows up to 16 input channels, with a maximum bandwidth of 20 kHz for one channel (10(More)
The relatively simple molecular structure of hydrogen-bonded (HB) systems is often belied by their exceptionally complex thermodynamic and microscopic behaviour. For this reason, after a thorough experimental, computational and theoretical scrutiny, the dynamics of molecules in HB systems still eludes a comprehensive understanding. Aiming at shedding some(More)
— In recent years, class D audio amplifiers are becoming the most feasible solution for low-voltage low-power applications due to their high efficiency property; however, to obtain good linearity for high fidelity systems is still a challenge. This work does not require the triangular carrier signal used in conventional class D audio amplifiers. It is shown(More)
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