Miguel Angel Rojas González

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The vision for economies of reusable services that can be composed into business processes is still hindered by the lack of dependability as regards their execution. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are an instrument to express and codify requirements for services, so that an acceptable level of determinism can be provided, and customers can rely on them as(More)
Kar3Cik1 is a heterodimeric kinesin-14 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae involved in spindle formation during mitosis and karyogamy in mating cells. Kar3 represents a canonical kinesin motor domain that interacts with microtubules under the control of ATP-hydrolysis. In vivo, the localization and function of Kar3 is differentially regulated by its interacting(More)
A system is presented for the recording of physiological signals on an unmodified domestic videocassette recorder (VCR). A modification in the vertical synchronism pulses permits the recording of continuous analogue signals without significant loss of samples. The system allows up to 16 input channels, with a maximum bandwidth of 20 kHz for one channel (10(More)
Following the seminal work of Unger et al. based on building mesh-like structures on top of aP2P network, we introduced an improvedversion of Compass-ar outing and load balancing algorithm based on direction-scopes for message delivery in such kind of networks. In this paper we evaluate and compare the performance of this scope-based Compass against the(More)
— In recent years, class D audio amplifiers are becoming the most feasible solution for low-voltage low-power applications due to their high efficiency property; however, to obtain good linearity for high fidelity systems is still a challenge. This work does not require the triangular carrier signal used in conventional class D audio amplifiers. It is shown(More)
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