Miguel Angel Nogueras Gimeno

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The small cell neuroendocrine tumour is an infrecuent neoplasia, with inmunohistochemistry being the key to diagnosis. We present a new case making reference to treatment and its evolution there after. MATERIAL AND METHODS The clinic, diagnosis and treatment of this tumour is described. Bibliographical revision follours. (More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the natural history of renal cancer based on the images obtained in a case with more than 11 years' follow-up, from the initial stages of the disease to its outcome. METHODS/RESULTS The history of a female patient in whom a renal mass had been detected at age 25 years is described. The patient died 11 years later due to metastasis.(More)
The paraneoplastic syndromes in patients with malignant urological tumors are reviewed herein. Some general aspects of these syndromes are briefly described and discussed. Similarly, the different urological tumors in which paraneoplastic syndromes have been observed are briefly reviewed. These are very common in renal cancer and cancer of the prostate,(More)
Our diagnostic criteria in prostatic cancer using transrectal ultrasonography are described herein. A prospective study was undertaken since 1984 in a total of 1,512 patients. 75 of whom had cancer of the prostate. For the present study, we analyzed a series of ultrasonographic parameters that we have termed "intrinsic parameters" (IP) and "morphologic(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in rupture of the albuginea penis and review the literature. METHODS/RESULTS Two additional cases of penile rupture are described. Penile ultrasound evaluation disclosed a hematoma in the corpus cavernosum in one case and hematoma and a probable rupture of the albuginea penis in the other(More)
The presence of melanin in the prostatic gland's stroma is a histopathological finding of extreme rarity. It receives the name of blue nevus as a result of its similitude to the skin's blue nevus. The paper describes the finding of melanin stores in the fibromuscular stroma of a patient's prostate and reviews the theories on its source.
Presentation of one study on the incidence of fibrino-necrotic ulcers in patients undergoing endovesical chemoprophylaxis with mitomycin C. A description is made of these lesions evaluating their likely relationship to infectious processes. The paper concludes stating the need of endoscopic monitoring and the absence of proven prognostic factors.