Miguel Angel Nogueras Gimeno

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The presence of melanin in the prostatic gland's stroma is a histopathological finding of extreme rarity. It receives the name of blue nevus as a result of its similitude to the skin's blue nevus. The paper describes the finding of melanin stores in the fibromuscular stroma of a patient's prostate and reviews the theories on its source.
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The small cell neuroendocrine tumour is an infrecuent neoplasia, with inmunohistochemistry being the key to diagnosis. We present a new case making reference to treatment and its evolution there after. MATERIAL AND METHODS The clinic, diagnosis and treatment of this tumour is described. Bibliographical revision follours. (More)
Presentation of a new case of Suprarenal Myelolipoma, its singularity being the urinary clinical presentation. Brief review of the literature, placing special emphasis on the Spanish references.
The appraisal of the prostate weight with transrectal ultrasound scanning is simplified with the use of a simple mathematical formula of an ovoid volume. Such a method does not prolong the examination time but provides an acceptable reliability, and therefore it can be used as a substitute to planimetry, more subject to the observer's error and more time(More)
A comparative study was performed to determine the usefulness and diagnostic capacity in cancer of the prostate afforded by two different techniques: digital examination and transrectal ultrasonography. Our experience in 69 cases of prostate cancer show that more information is provided by transrectal ultrasound. Thus, the diagnostic capacity and usefulness(More)
The role of transrectal ultrasonography in monitoring response of prostate cancer to treatment with ciproterone acetate is described. In our therapeutic protocol for prostate cancer, those included between categories 7 and 9 are submitted to antidrogen therapy, regardless of the type of surgical procedure indicated in each case. Fifty-one patients submitted(More)
A 54-year-old male who consulted for an episode of right-sided nephric colic is described. A urological ultrasound scan disclosed grade I hydronephrosis in the upper half of the right kidney and an anechoic tubular image ending in the prostate gland. A subsequent urographic evaluation confirmed the diagnosis of ectopic ureter in prostatic urethra.
Renal vein thrombosis is a rare pathology whose diagnosis entails difficulty. A case of renal vein and inferior vena cava thrombosis is described herein. We briefly discuss its association with the nephrotic syndrome, the diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches.