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BACKGROUND Observational cohort studies and a secondary prevention trial have shown an inverse association between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular risk. We conducted a randomized trial of this diet pattern for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events. METHODS In a multicenter trial in Spain, we randomly assigned participants(More)
The past two decades have witnessed an exponential increase in research into cancer. This effort, however, has not been translated into better perspectives as regards the problem, although several fields of research have certainly been promising (the human genome project, gene therapy, the search for new cytostatic agents and stem cell research). New(More)
We have carried out an in vitro study to investigate the ability of substance P to activate cell growth and the NK1 receptor antagonist L-733,060 to inhibit cell growth in the SKN-BE(2) neuroblastoma and GAMG glioma cell lines. A coulter counter was used to determine viable cell numbers, followed by application of the tetrazolium compound(More)
The concept of defense relates to the idea that organisms react physiologically to the presence of danger or threat in order to protect themselves from potential injury or death. This article reviews the literature on cardiac defense, a specific defense reaction that has a long tradition in psychophysiological research. The review begins with a brief(More)
We are investigating the nature of the chemical interactions between the neuropeptide Y (NPY) and its cell surface receptor (Y1). A previous study involving site-directed mutagenesis and computer-aided modelling (Walker et al., 1994) suggested that the C-terminal Tyr36 of NPY, known to be a key residue for receptor binding, might dock at a pocket formed by(More)
BACKGROUND Nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine have demonstrated a survival benefit over gemcitabine alone in advanced pancreatic cancer (PDA). This study aimed to investigate the clinical, biological, and imaging effects of the regimen in patients with operable PDA. METHODS Patients with operable PDA received two cycles of nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine(More)
A role for Substance P (SP) in human placenta is not known, although is possible that regulates placental physiology through the Neurokinin (NK)-1 receptor. Ten human normal placenta tissues were studied by immunohistochemistry to demonstrate the localization of NK-1 receptor and SP. An immunostaining pattern for NK-1 receptor and SP was observed in the(More)
We have performed an in vitro study of the growth-inhibitory capacity of the potent and long-acting NK1 receptor antagonist L-733,060, at concentrations ranging from 2.5 microM to 20 microM, against the neuroblastoma cell line SKN-BE(2) and 10 microM to 25 microM for glioma cell line GAMG. Coulter counter was used to determine viable cell numbers, followed(More)
OBJECTIVE Independently of total caloric intake, a better quality of the diet (for example, conformity to the Mediterranean diet) is associated with lower obesity risk. It is unclear whether a brief dietary assessment tool, instead of full-length comprehensive methods, can also capture this association. In addition to reduced costs, a brief tool has the(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) variants resistant to protease (PR) and reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors may display impaired infectivity and replication capacity. The individual contributions of mutated HIV-1 PR and RT to infectivity, replication, RT activity, and protein maturation (herein referred to as "fitness") in recombinant viruses(More)