Miguel Angel Morón

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Results of phylogenetic analysis based on 34 morphological characters of 24 species of 11 genera of Hopliinae from Europe, Japan, South Africa, Madagascar, North and Central America, indicates that the genus Hoplia is a monophyletic group with species distributed in Europe, Japan and America. Based in this analysis the Asiatic genus Ectinohoplia is the(More)
A complication of ventriculopleural shunting in which the pleural end of the catheter retracted out of the pleural cavity is described. Continued drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid into the subcutaneous and breast tissue led to the development of breast enlargement and drainage via the nipple. The mechanism of production and guidelines to avoid this(More)
The external morphology of sensilla on the antennae of males and females of Phyllophaga ravida Blanchard is described using scanning electron microscopy. Sexual dimorphism in body and antennal dimensions and in antennal receptor types was found. The female's body is slightly larger than the male's, although male antennal lamellae are longer than in females.(More)
The larvaeofEuphoriadevulsaHornandEuphoria lurida(F.)(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae:Cetoniini:Euphoriina)aredescribed for theÞrst time.The larvalbiologyof these speciesand others in the genus is reviewed. A key to the 7 known species of Euphoria larvae is provided. RESUMEN Se describe por primera vez la larva de Euphoria devulsa Horn y de Euphoria(More)
Comparative studies on the density and diversity of white grubs community (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae) occurring in cultivated and noncultivated fields of the Planalto region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, are presented. Sampling was carried out in 23 municipalities during the 2009 and 2010 winter seasons. Cultivated and noncultivated fields were(More)
Phalangogonia Burmeister is revised and now includes eight species: P. dispar Ohaus, P. jamesonae, sp.n., P. lacordairei Bates, P. obesa Burmeister, P. parilis Bates, P. punctata Franz, P. ratcliff ei, sp.n. and P. sperata Sharp. Phalangogonia debilidens Ohaus is placed in synonymy with P. sperata. Lectotypes are designated for the following nominal(More)