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We present evidence indicating that the boa (Boa constrictor) was introduced onto Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in 1971. This snake is now firmly established and has a wide distribution on Cozumel. We recorded an encounter rate of 1.8 boas per 100 km of forest surveyed. The introduction of the boa onto Cozumel, where it has few predators, is a(More)
Cozumel Island in the Mexican Caribbean is inhabited by four carnivores, of which two, the Cozumel coati Nasua nelsoni and pygmy raccoon Procyon pygmaeus, are endemic species. The taxonomic status of a third carnivore, a dwarf gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus, is undetermined, but may deserve subspecific or species-level recognition. The fourth species,(More)
There is a pressing need to assess resilience of coastal ecosystems against sea level rise. To develop appropriate response strategies against future climate disturbances, it is important to estimate the magnitude of disturbances that these ecosystems can absorb and to better understand their underlying processes. Hammocks (petenes) coastal ecosystems are(More)
Cozumel Island, Mexico, harbours two endemic species of dwarf procyonids: the Pygmy Raccoon Procyon pygmaeus and the Dwarf Coati Nasua nelsoni. Both species are Critically Endangered, and are among the world’s most threatened Carnivora. Here we summarise the research we have been conducting on their ecology, evolution, genetics, and conservation. We also(More)
A rule-based, digital, closed-loop controller that incorporates “fuzzy” logic has been designed and implemented for the coordinated control of combined cycle power plant units configured by two gas turbines and a steam turbine for power generation. The selected power plant is a combined cycle first generation called PACE 260, installed at the(More)
Cracids are among the most vulnerable groups of Neotropical birds. Almost half of the species of this family are included in a conservation risk category. Twelve taxa occur in Mexico, six of which are considered at risk at national level and two are globally endangered. Therefore, it is imperative that high quality, comprehensive, and high-resolution(More)
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