Miguel Angel Hernández-Medina

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It is well known that, under appropriate hypotheses, a sampling formula allows us to recover any function in a principal shift-invariant space from its samples taken with sampling period one. Whenever the generator of the shift-invariant space satisfies the Strang-Fix conditions of order r, this formula also provides an approximation scheme of order r valid(More)
In this work we provide polyphase, modulation, and frame theoretical analyses of a filter bank on a discrete abelian group. Thus, multidimensional or cyclic filter banks as well as filter banks for signals in `(Z×Zs) or `(Zr ×Zs) spaces are studied in a unified way. We obtain perfect reconstruction conditions and the corresponding frame bounds.
Assume that samples of a filtered version of a function in a shift-invariant space are avalaible. This work deals with the existence of a sampling formula involving these samples and having reconstruction functions with compact support. Thus, low computational complexity is involved and truncation errors are avoided. This is done in the light of the(More)
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