Miguel Angel Díaz-Guillén

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Previous studies have shown that the 1q31-32 region frequently presents allelic imbalance (AI) in various neoplastic diseases, such as breast cancer, medulloblastoma, male germ cell tumors, and renal collecting duct carcinoma, suggesting the presence of a tumor suppressor gene in this location. We used 19 informative microsatellite markers to analyze 33(More)
6-Phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase (PFK-2/FBPase-2) is a bifunctional enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis and degradation of Fru-2,6-P2, a key regulator of glycolysis. In mammals, several genes have been found to code for different PFK-2/FBPase-2 isoforms that differ in tissue distribution and enzymatic activities. In the present study, we(More)
 Sixteen microsatellite markers, including two described here, were used to construct a high-resolution map of the 1q32 region encompassing the regulator of the complement activation (RCA) gene cluster. The RCA genes are a group of related genes coding for plasma and membrane associated proteins that collectively control activation of the complement(More)
Aniridia can arise as part of the WAGR syndrome (Wilms tumour. aniridia, genitourinary anomalies, and mental retardation), due to a deletion or chromosomal region 11p13. We report a girl with a complete WAGR syndrome, whose brother presented hypospadias. Cytogenetic, FISH and molecular studies showed a deletion in one chromosome 11 of the patient. No(More)
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