Miguel Andrés Marcos

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CASE REPORT We present a case of ocular loiasis with a subconjunctival filaria, 5.5cm long, and a severe microfilaremia, 1 microfilaria/ml, on a previously asymptomatic woman from Equatorial Guinea, with a past medical history of hypereosinophilia of unknown origin. DISCUSSION Ocular loiasis is an imported infestation with a very low rate in our country.(More)
We have previously described an anti-IgG2ab T cell activity in normal Igha/a mice. Their congenic partner at the Igh locus (Ighb/b) and Igha/b hybrids bred from them, do not display this T cell activity but express IgG2ab. As these mice are supposed to possess the same genetic elements related to this potential T cell repertoire, only somatic selection(More)
The preparation of Nα-trityl-amino acids is described. Several derivatives of trifunctional amino acidscarrying acid- and base-labile side-chain protecting groups and the trityl group at the Nα position are prepared for first time. The incorporation of Nα-trityl-amino acids into peptide sequences usingsolid-phase protocols was achieved. The use of the(More)
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