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— Distributed Peer-to-Peer and Grid infrastructure require distributed access control mechanisms. These mechanisms can be implemented in distributed trust management infrastruc-tures and usually require reasoning on more than one peer, as soon as authority is delegated or requests involve several authorities. Building on previous work of the authors which(More)
This paper reexamines the stock-flow discrepancies of government debt and deficits and correlation with fiscal transparency. Applying the fully integrated relationship between financial stocks and flows allows for a more refined analysis of the deterministic components that make up the 'stock-flow' residual. Using partial measures of these stock-flow(More)
BACKGROUND CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells play an essential role in maintaining immune homeostasis and preventing autoimmunity. Therefore, defects in Treg development, maintenance or function have been associated with several human autoimmune diseases including Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), a systemic autoimmune disease characterized by loss of(More)
  • Claudia Dziobek, Miguel Alves, Majdeline El Rayess, Carlos Gutierrez Mangas, Phebby Kufa, Majdeline El +18 others
  • 2011
A useful but little known feature of the IMF's Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (GFSY) is the information on the structure of governments. Institutional tables, included in the GFSY, provide detail on the central, state, and local levels of governments, social security, and extrabudgetary units. We refer to the main levels of government as GL1, GL2,(More)
  • Timothy C Irwin, Jochen Andritzky, Marco Cangiano, Adrienne Cheasty, Kara Rideout, Ester Perez Ruis +12 others
  • 2012
Accounting devices that artificially reduce the measured fiscal deficit can be analyzed as transactions involving unrecognized assets and liabilities. Different accounting systems recognize different sets of assets and liabilities and are thus vulnerable to different sets of devices. Some devices can be revealed by moving progressively from cash accounting(More)
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