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Kukulkanus, a new genus of buxtoniin brachiopod from the Artinskian–Kungurian (Early Permian) of Mexico
Torres-Martínez, M.A., Sour-Tovar, F. & Barragán, R., November 2017. Kukulkanus, a new genus of buxtoniin brachiopod from the Artinskian–Kungurian (Early Permian) of Mexico. Alcheringa 42, 268–276.Expand
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Permian (Leonardian) brachiopods from Paso Hondo Formation, Chiapas, southern Mexico. Paleobiogeographical implications
Abstract One of the most important marine sequences of calcareous rocks from the Paleozoic of Mexico outcrops in southern Chiapas. It is composed by different units from Early Permian, being the PasoExpand
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Braquiópodos discínidos (Lingulida, Discinoidea) de la Formación Ixtaltepec, Carbonífero del área de Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca
Four species of discinid brachiopods of the genus Orbiculoidea present at different levels of the Ixtaltepec Formation, type section Arroyo las Pulgas, Nochixtlan Municipality, Oaxaca are described.Expand
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Depositional paleoenvironments of the Lower Permian (upper Cisuralian) carbonate succession of Paso Hondo Formation in Chiapas State, southeastern Mexico
Abstract The Paso Hondo Formation outcrops around of the Chicomuselo region, Chiapas State, Mexico. It is a Permian lithostratigraphic unit mainly composed of massive limestone which has been datedExpand
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Hederella carbonaria Condra & Elias, 1944 from the Roadian (middle Permian) of Mexico
standing the marine communities of the past. These fossils are usually well preserved and normally found in association with other organisms (Taylor & Wilson 2003). Hederelloids are a group ofExpand
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Permian brachiopods from Chiapas, Mexico: new stratigraphical and paleobiogeographical insights
Eleven brachiopod species from the Paso Hondo Formation in the Chicomuselo region of southern Chiapas, Mexico are described. Chonosteges cooperi is a new species. Dyoros (Tetragonetes) rectangulatus,Expand
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Nuevos braquiópodos prodúctidos (Rhynchonelliformea, Strophomenata) del Carbonífero de la región de Nochixtlán, Oaxaca
Fourteen species of productid brachiopods from Ixtaltepec Formation, Oaxaca State in southeast Mexico, are described. All the species and most of the genus that are reported represent first recordsExpand
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A new middle Permian microconchid from Chiapas, Mexico, and its palaeoecological implications
Microconchids are a little-known group of vermiform invertebrates whose fossil record is limited to the preservation of their calcareous tubes. In the past, they were erroneously classified asExpand
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